Hello fellow birders!

I am very excited to announce that the incubation period for our new birding app, FIREFINCH, is just above over. The official launch of the Android and iOS versions of the app is only days away, and I can’t wait to embark on this birding journey with you.

But first I need your help to solve a birding mystery…I’ve come up with a series of fun challenges, let’s call it an online treasure hunt, to entertain you during the last few days’ wait. For the next seven days, every day, I will post a clue at exactly midday. Each clue will help you solve the next step in the puzzle. 

If can you get stuck, I will explain the answer to the previous day’s challenge too. But figure it out – you might need to ask a friend for help. But don’t ask me for additional clues…I haven’t even shared that information with the rest of the FIREFINCH team.

And the first one is tough one!

People already familiar with this cipher figured out the challenge immediately but many struggled. So I posted this additional clue to nudge you in the right direction.