Have a birding-related service or product?

Birding is growing, and growing fast, both locally and internationally. Several rare vagrant birds in South Africa have attacted more than 1000 visitors over a matter of a few weeks. Multiply that by the amount each visitor spent on airfare, hire cars, accommodation, food, fuel etc. and one bird generates a multi-million Rand short-term industry. A 2011 survey in the US revealed that 41 million residents consider themselves to be interested in birds in and around their gardens, while 18 million travel specifically to see birds. In the last decade, the rise of social media has prompted phenomenal growth in young birders. BirdLife South Africa’s Facebook page has 23,000 members. In early 2017, an oceanic birding cruise off Cape Town attracted almost 2000 birders. Google Trends shows that for searches related to the keyword “birding”, South Africa was ranked first globally, 3rd for “birdwatching” and 4th for “binoculars”. Makes you think!

If you have a bird- or birding-related product or service, you have to market it directly and efficiently. Take this from someone who makes a living out of selling bird books! The local birding community constitutes a relatively small, specalized, niche market. But on the other hand, birders are generally wealthy, are obssessed with books and birding  equipment, and travel excessively in their pursuit of their passion.

I believe that faansiepeacock.com is the ideal platform to launch or market your product or service. This may include bird guiding companies, safari companies, bird courses, photography courses, bird clubs or organisations, lodges, guest farms, guest houses, reserves, local guiding services, birding hotspots, books, magazines, apps, cameras, lenses, tripods and all other photographic equipment, optics such as binoculars and telescopes, birding clothing, vehicle rentals…the list is endless.

Of course my interests and those of my readers also extend far beyond birds and birding – think environmental consulting, safari, game viewing, wildlife, biodiversity, reptiles, ecology, tourism, travel, conservation, art, illustration, photography, public speaking, writing and graphic design.

According to research conducted by the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology, birders:

  • are professionals, with an average monthly income of R53,000*
  • have an average of 15 years education
  • two thirds of birders are male
  • 50% own camera equipment, telescopes and binoculars worth on average R64,000*
  • 30% own camera equipment, telescopes and binoculars worth R113,000-R283,000*
  • have a passion for the outdoors
  • are active and travel frequently
*adapted for inflation from original survey in 1998

Some stats...

faansiepeacock.com gets approximately 1,700 visitors per month (and climbing), with 4,800 page views. That is almost 2000 of your niche potential clients per month. This includes birders from all over the world, with the vast majority being from South Africa. In descending order, the rest of the top 10 countries that visited faansiepeacock.com are: USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, France, Japan and Israel.

I’ve laid out some options in the table below, but if there is something else that you have in mind, give me a shout. I’m sure we can make a plan. I can also help with preparation of graphics and text – just send me the raw stuff and I’ll make it look great. You could also consider doing a full blog post – again, I can help with writing the text and providing graphics.


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Single sidebar A single jpeg or png image (single frame). 250×250 px in size. R250 R2500
Double single sidebar The same as the previous, but double as high: 250×500 px. R400 R4000
Animated sidebar A single animated gif image (multiple frames). 250×250 px in size. R400 R4000
Double animated sidebar As previous but double as high: 250×500 px. R800 R8000
Full blog banner Banner spanning width of blog post, at bottom. 1280 px wide. R800 per post R800 per post
Advertorial blog post A description of or article on your product. I can help. R3000 per post R3000 per post