ANSWER to clue #5

Next up I gave you a link to a short YouTube video ( of a Turnstone poking about in eelgrass. Towards the end of the video there is a 0.1s flash spliced into the footage. You can freeze this by pausing at the exact right moment (you can also slow playback speed in YouTube settings). Initially it looks like a blank green screen, but if you pause you will notice several unusual words and glyphs. These all say the same thing in different languages: “head”. So green+head. There is only one Green-headed bird in Southern Africa: Gorongosa Mountain’s Green-headed Oriole.

Clue #6

Today, I thought you might like a peek at the list of species covered by FIREFINCH. You can download the spreadsheet by clicking on the FIREFINCH logo. You should be able to open the file in Excel, Google Sheets or Apple’s Numbers. Remember everything that you have learned thus far. Good luck!