• Faansie’s Bird Book 2


    I hope you’re ready for a life of adventure! If not, please don’t buy this book. Put it down and walk away. There are some other nice books on that table over there. But if you are, this book will help you to identify every single Southern African bird. Easily! It’s a radical new approach to birding, without complex and boring technical stuff. Everything is as simple and fun as it can be – you’re gonna loooooove it!

    • Covers 842 species in total.
    • Covers every bird that occurs in SA, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Not just the common ones.
    • Scan the QR codes to unlock bird sounds and other fun stuff.
    • Short and fun family introductions, but no long and boring texts for all the species.
    • Birds are divided into 12 logical groups, like Swimmers, Flyers, Runners and Perchers. Easy!
    • Tick the bird right there on the plate! Each counts a different number of points in the Bird Nerd Game.
    • Loads of useful “Top Tips” and fascinating “did-you-know” boxes, plus ridiculous “micro-facts”.
    • Questions and challenges to make it interactive (the answers are in the back).


    • Over 600 stunning paintings of 80 species of waders, at every age and in every plumage.
    • Vignette illustrations of the bird in its typical habitat and as it really looks in the field.
    • Modern, neat, logical and intuitive layout for easy comparison.
    • In-flight illustrations, from above and below.
    • Fascinating insights into wader biology, ecology, classification and names.
    • Useful tips and techniques to help you find and identify waders.
    • Site guides to Southern Africa’s top wader-watching hotspots.
    • Appendix with 21 of the most likely potential future vagrants (new species) for the region.


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