Thank you for purchasing CHAMBERLAIN’S LBJs in eBook format.

REQUEST: Please support a struggling ornithologist / author / artist by NOT MAKING ILLEGAL COPIES of the book! I worked hard on this book for three years, full-time, and I think the eBook is very reasonably priced. Copyright of this work, including text, images, maps and all other material is retained by Faansie Peacock (me). Thank you, good luck with the LBJs, and enjoy the book!

YOU CAN: After initially opening and saving the pdf, you are welcome to make copies for your OWN use, on your various devices (computer, phone, ipad etc.).  You can also edit and personalise the file, as you see fit.

TECH STUFF: This is an ePDF format, and not ePub – it’s simply a pdf version of the printed book, so you can open the file with any software that can handle a pdf, including Adobe Reader, or many others (freely available online). Due to the complicated layout of the book, I decided not to produce the book in ePub format; therefore, one is not able to change font sizes etc. However, you should be able to highlight, select text, add notes and perform various other actions using the Adobe software. Also, you’ll see that all the referenced page numbers in the text are clickable. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.