The Origami Bird Nerd Checklist

In the back of Faansie’s Bird Book – A fully fledged field guide for kids, you will find a checklist of all the birds in the book: 722 in total. This list is linked with the Bird Nerd Game (the Bird Nerd Scores are the numbers in the first column). You can fill in the list right there in the book. But if you need another list, or want to print one, you can download a list from this website.

You can find a pdf list, as well an Excel one which will count up your score automatically, on this page.

On the right are links for what I called the “Origami” checklist. These can be printed and folded like a pamphlet, so that they fit neatly in the plastic sleeve of your book. It’s a little tricky – follow the instructions below.


The document is an A3-size pdf. You can print it on A4, but it will be very small. Best is to save it, and take it to a printing place, or ask your mom or dad to print it at the office.

  • It is important that you print it back to back. You’ll see the second page is upside down. It’s supposed to be like that.
  • When you print, choose actual size, not “fit to page”. That way, everything will line up nicely.
  • It is in colour, but you can print it in black and white if you prefer (it’s a lot cheaper).


  • There are two kinds of folds. The solid lines are “mountain folds” (like an A) and the dotted lines are “valley folds” (like a V).
  • Fold the whole page in a mountain fold along the middle first, so you end up with a long narrow page.
  • Then do the individual folds to create the 6 flaps.
  • The cover design should be on the outside.
  • You can trim the two sides with scissors if you like.


  • Each page is numbered.
  • Pull it open. When you get to page 5, flip it over.
  • When you get to page 11, open to whole page up.

Good luck with your Origami Checklist. Download as many times as you want, and send it to friends. It’s free!

English version

Afrikaanse weergawe