Red-collared Widowbird


To me this species is synonymous with sunny summer mornings in Pretoria. While I explored the city's small urban nature reserves a male Red-collared Widowbird was never far away - voicing his concern about my presence with sharp calls, or performing his exaggerated slow-motion flights over his little grassy territory. This painting is available as [...]

Yellow Bishop


A stunningly beautiful bird! Formerly known as the Cape Widow or Yellow-rumped Widow, this species brings to mind images and smells of mountain fynbos. I therefore decided to show it against the backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain, in the fragrant flowering strandveld vegetation. This painting is available as a limited edition (set of 25) [...]

Southern Red Bishop


The familiar Southern Red Bishop is a childhood favourite. I still remember the elation I experienced when I first laid eyes on this creature, with its mix of inky black and fiery red plumage. While breeding males can hardly be considered LBJs, the nondescript females and non-breeding males are challenging to identify. They are often [...]


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