The book is finally here! Get your copy today! The prices below include a R100 delivery fee (same for Aramex Courier, PostNet to PostNet delivery or standard Post Office delivery). Details at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: The book is currently only available in hard copy. We will investigate the possibility of an ebook version in 2017.

Chamberlain's Waders
Chamberlain's Waders
Chamberlain's Waders
Chamberlain's Waders
Chamberlain's Waders
Chamberlain's Waders
Chamberlain's Waders


It’s simple…

STEP 1: Fill in the contact form on this page so I have your details (there’s no commitment, and I won’t spam you!). The most important field is the reference. Note that nothing is supposed to happen upon completion of the form – we will await payment from you before we send the book. It’s not necessary to fill in the form (or pay beforehand) if you want to collect in person.

STEP 2: Decide on a delivery method (see details below) for South Africa. If you’re outside South Africa, books can be obtained from NHBS in the UK. They will have stock in early 2017.

STEP 3: Make a payment. You can do an EFT, making sure to use your surname or cell number as reference so we know who the payment is from! Or you can pay with a credit card through PayFast, by clicking on the buttons below. They will ask for your email address and name and notify me.

STEP 4: Give us a few days (we’re often away from the office for birding) to process the order and package your book. Books arrive from the printers on December 10.

STEP 5: We’ll send your book(s) to you, and provide you with a tracking number ASAP.

You can email a proof of payment if you like, but as long as we have your details and a payment reference, everything should be fine. But don’t hesitate to get in touch if anything is unclear or if you have special requests.


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    Note that I am no longer in Pretoria – I now live permanently in Langebaan on the West Coast (see contacts page for a map). If you’re in the area you are welcome to pop in – you might bump into our local Southern Black Korhaan and Verreaux’s Eagles. Please Email or phone (084 515 1207) to arrange a time, and we’ll meet up and chat. It is not necessary to pay ahead of time or fill in the contact form on this page if you want to collect the books . There is obviously no delivery cost when you collect in person, so the price would be R380 per book. You can pay beforehand if you like, but you can also pay with a card when you’re here (perhaps the least admin), or in cash. I’ll also be doing some talks and courses throughout the country next year, and will bring books along.


    This is a self-published book and is generally NOT available in most commercial bookstores. However, Chamberlain hardware stores in Gauteng will have the book in stock as of mid-December 2016. Find your nearest branch via their website.



    I drop the book(s) at my local Pick & Pay, and Aramex delivers to your door. For main centres, delivery is by 12:00 on the next day. For outlying areas, up to 72 hours. If you’re on a farm or in an isolated area, it’s a little more tricky (details are on their website). Please make sure someone is there to collect the book during business hours.


    I drop the book(s) at my local PostNet branch, and they deliver it to your nearest PostNet branch. This is quick and reliable – if you live near any of the 300+ PostNet branches in South Africa. To find your nearest branch, check out the PostNet branch locator.PostNet branch locator.


    Aah, the good old Post Office. We can mail books to any postal address in South Africa. They will keep the book at the counter and notify you that it ready to collect. You have to go in person, as they will not relinquish the parcel to someone with a different name (even a spouse). This takes 1-2 weeks. We will provide you with a tracking number. May be the only option if you’re in an isolated area.


    We will be shipping books to NHBS in the UK. Sending books overseas from South Africa is expensive and delivery takes a loooong time. NHBS will have stock early in 2017. If you’re in Namibia, Botswana etc. contact me so we can make a plan.


    For people in South Africa, this is probably the easiest. Please use your surname or cell number as reference when paying, so I know who the money is from. It is almost impossible to track payments referenced as “Wader book” or the like. You can see my banking details below. Or you can do an instant EFT through PayFast, by clicking on the same buttons as under Credit Card below.

    Pavo Publishing
    ABSA, Vredenburg
    Branch Code: 632005
    Account: 4084993558
    Cheque Account


    Select the appropriate option below, and click the button to pay with your credit card through PayFast – South Africa’s premier online payment portal.

    Buy 1x WADERS and 1x LBJs
    Black-tailed Godwit by Faansie Peacock