Some miscellaneous field notes from a trip to Kimberley in April 2008. This late in the austral summer, many of the migratory species had already completed their moult into breeding plumage, and were in immaculate condition. Large numbers of Western Yellow Wagtails Motacilla flava patrolled the shoreline of Spitskop Dam, and many of the males were already in spectacular yellow plumage (a few with random dark mottling on the chest?). Alongside them were good numbers of Black-winged Pratincoles Glareola nordmanni, again in neat breeding plumage with sharply defined throat bands. An Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina was singing loudly and incessantly from a nearby tree canopy. While the pale panel on the secondaries, much-emphasized in field guides, is often hard to discern in early summer, this late bird showed it spectacularly. The bottom of the page is from a different trip, and shows some feather details on the head of a Burchell’s Coucal Centropus burchellii, as well as the pattern on the inside of the mouth.